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The Ultimate Figure Drawing Course

A comprehensive video course on drawing human anatomy

From action drawing to sketching heads in difficult angles, learn how to draw the human body step by step in this comprehensive figure drawing course with artist Fei Lu. Her original GSL & GFV methods of drawing people combine classical and modern techniques, with demonstrations on paper as well as digital. This course will cover:

  • Gesture drawing & timed practices from reference
  • Shapes and proportions of people young and old
  • 3D form and structure drawing in perspective
  • Values, realistic shading and highlights
  • Variety of line and styles of drawing
  • Master studies and modern style exploration
  • Step by step anatomy drawing techniques

Preview a lesson (Module 4, Lesson 1: Form in Figure Drawing)

Course Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced - Suitable for portfolio students!

This program is suitable for teens and adults with prior art experience, as it covers advanced drawing techniques such as realism, 3D form / structure drawing, shading and timed practice. 

Taught using a combination of traditional and digital techniques. Open to all mediums!

Students are exposed to digital art techniques but may work traditionally on paper. This program is flexible enough to allow students to follow along in either traditional or digital mediums, or a combination of both.

Will I get feedback on my artwork?

Absolutely! Winged Canvas has a vibrant online art community on Discord for critiques, discussion, and support from other artists! Fei is an active member of the community, and there is a dedicated channel for critiques, digital art, as well as traditional art, so you will be fully supported by our community. All owners of this course may get direct feedback on their artwork from Fei!

Once you join the discord, please ping @moderator and let them you know you have purchased "The Ultimate Figure Drawing Course" and they will give you special role to get feedback on your artwork. Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/JDwJDCC

11 Modules

GSL Method: Gesture, Shape & Line

Learn how to draw an adult female and male using the GSL [Gesture, Shape & Line] method. You will be walked through two human drawings for their GSL exercise. 

Torsos: 3D Form & Structure

Learn how to draw human proportions using 3D forms and gesture lines. You will learn about finding 3D forms within reference photos, and have a chance to follow along.

Figure Drawing Studies

Learn how to draw human proportions considering gesture, shape, form and line. Apply an understanding of figure drawing by creating a master study. 

Value: Lighting and Shading

Learn about values, considering lighting and shadows. You will have a chance to explore values on forms, on figures and how to apply them to fabric. 

      How to Draw Heads in Different Angles

      Learn about head proportions, and how to draw them from different angles using lines and shapes. This is a technical exercise where we will complete their artwork with 11 head drawings of different angles. 

      How to Draw Arms

      In this module, we will learn how to draw an arm using contour lines and forms. Through the use of lines, forms, proportion and perspective, we will learn how to draw the arm in a variety of ways. 

      How to Draw Hands

      In this module with 5 step by step lessons, we will learn how draw hand proportions considering the basic shapes, spaces, foreshortening and different positions of the hand. 

        How to Draw Legs

        In this module with 5 step by step lessons, we will learn how to draw the legs considering gesture, shape, form, line as well as different positions of the leg. 

            How to Draw Feet

            In this module with 3 step by step lessons, we will learn how to break down foot anatomy considering forms, the GSL method and different perspectives. 

            Modules for this program 11
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