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Making Art Education Easily Accessible

Winged Canvas empowers teachers with tools and templates for teaching visual art, with curated video lessons, assignments and assessments for modern classrooms.

Teach art like a pro, even if you’re not an artist! 

  • Facilitate premium art lessons easily and affordably
  • Access an ever-expanding library of step by step video lessons
  • Meet (and exceed!) school curriculum standards for grades 1 - 12
  • Learn the secret to teaching the creative process with a proven method
  • Assign in the classroom or online with templates for blended learning

Save hours of time and stress each month from lesson planning.
Enjoy creating in art class again... with your students!

Available Programs

Winged Canvas Membership for Teachers

A done-for-you art teaching system that will give teachers back their time and energy to enjoy the creative experience with their students. Get unlimited access to our video courses for grades 1-12!

Tester: Beginner Drawing (Grade 1+)

Free sample module: Designed to help educators teach complete beginners, students will be introduced to drawing techniques step by step as they learn the elements and principles of art.

Tester: Intro to Digital Art (Grade 3+)

Free sample module: Designed to help educators faciliate lessons in Digital Art, this course teaches complete beginners how to start making digital art immediately using the FREE program Medibang Paint.

Tester: Drawing Foundations (Grade 4+)

Free sample module: Designed to help educators facilitate engaging art classes that teach creative thinking and fundamental drawing skills step by step, exploring different techniques, subjects and styles.  

Tester: Cartooning & Anime (Grade 6+)

Free sample module: Designed to help educators teach art FUNdamentals with an anime twist! Very popular in classrooms, students will learn cartooning techniques and character design (taught digitally).

Tester: Figure Drawing (Grade 9+)

Free sample module: Designed to help educators teach human anatomy, proportions, and structure drawing step by step in this comprehensive course that combines classical and modern techniques.

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