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Beginner Digital Art Course in Medibang Paint

Digital art is becoming more and more popular as it is quickly becoming the medium of the future! 🚀 Now is the best time to get prepared with a basic understanding of digital art tools and functions!

🤓 In this course, you'll learn how to:

  • Download and install a FREE digital art software called Medibang Paint Pro to get started with digital art
  • Navigate Medibang and find important tools / functions on a PC or Tablet (Android / iPad)
  • Jump in and begin creating illustrations with step by step guided lessons
  • Get familiar with all the essential digital art tools with in-depth lessons in our Medibang Toolbox Module
  • Improve your speed and workflow with shortcuts and tips
  • Use and understand proper digital art terminology 

Here's our course trailer for a behind-the-scenes look 👀

Is Beginner Digital Art suitable for me?

This comprehensive digital art course provides step-by-step learning, digital tool demonstrations, and instructional modules for all beginners -- adults, youth and children ages 7+. It's an ideal program for new digital artists who wish to begin their digital art journey, build confidence in their technological skills, and speed up their workflow and creative process. This course is perfect for you if:

  • You're completely new to digital art and have never tried it before 
  • You've dabbled with digital art, or watched others, but never found time to really learn it
  • You're looking for a great digital art program to commit to, and need a recommendation 
  • You're an educator who wants to learn digital art so you can provide better support for your students

What hardware do I need to get started? 

💻 If you're a PC / Mac / Chromebook user:

You'll need a drawing tablet that connects to your device. These range from entry-level (around $40) to professional level ($500+) but we recommend buying an entry-level tablet until you're familiar with the process before investing in something expensive. Remember, new hardware and gadgets are constantly being released, so you can score a great used model on Kijiji or Facebook marketplace when you're ready for an upgrade! See our handy Best Digital Art Tablets for Beginners for our personal recommendations and links to the tablets our teachers use! 

📱 If you're an Android Tablet / iPad user:

You'll need a compatible drawing stylus for your device. These can range from entry-level (around $20), to professional level like the Apple Pen (around $170). We recommend buying an entry-level stylus that does not require batteries, has an eraser function at the top, and comes with lots of good reviews and positive ratings. 

What software do I need to get started? 

MediBang Paint Pro is a robust Japanese digital art program and app that's available to download for FREE on most devices. It is very beginner friendly, easy to learn with great default brushes, so it is our go-to choice for learning digital art without investing in an expensive program like Photoshop. There are ads in the free version of the software, but there is also a paid version that offers an ad-free option with additional cloud storage. You may use the software without even creating an account, but having an account lets you access more brushes and fonts, contests, as well as cloud storage.

What support is offered if I need help?

Winged Canvas is an online art school and growing art nerd community, and we LOVE helping newbies get aquainted with the awesome benefits of digital art! 🙌 Here are some additional resources to check out and bookmark if you need support or to simply share your artwork with some awesome, helpful people:

Winged Canvas Discord Community - Our official community to connect with other art nerds
Tip: You can ping a moderator or post in the #digital-art, #software-support, or #faqs channels!

LIVE Weekly Art Classes - If you prefer to join a live virtual digital art class for personalized feedback from our instructors in a small group
Tip: Our Cartooning & Anime program (levels 2 and 3) are also taught digitally!

Digital Art Resources - Helpful digital art resources neatly organized for you, all on one page
Tip: Be sure to join our email list to snag our FREE Digital Art Guide & Checklist!

For general inquiries about Winged Canvas, please visit our official website. You can message our team directly, and our contact info is in the footer 😉

7 Modules

Introduction & Installing MediBang

Meet your instructors Dani and Felicia and learn how to download, install, and navigate MediBang Paint Pro.

Navigating MediBang on Tablets

Orientation for iPad, Android and Chromebook users led by instructor Dani. Skip this module if you're using a computer.

Step by Step Digital Artwork

Jump in to begin creating illustrations using tools, layers and new techniques, taught step by step by digital art instructor Felicia!

MediBang Toolbox

🔎 Digital art instructor Felicia gives us an in-depth look at the important tools and functions of MediBang, which is similar across all digital art platforms.

Improving Workflow

Learn keyboard shortcuts and how they can improve speed and workflow when working on a computer with digital art instructor Felicia.

Digital Art Terminology

Digital art instructor Dani informs viewers of the important terminology found in digital art programs.

Final Thoughts & Additional Resources

Instructors Dani and Felicia share their final thoughts from the course. Additional resources are provided to aid in your journey to becoming a digital artist!

Modules for this program 7
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