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Beginner Drawing Art Course

Beginner Drawing is a program that will empower and guide emerging artists to learn their art FUNdamentals!  This 12 pack of online drawing projects is a full art course designed for kids to explore different drawing materials, techniques, and styles. Buy it once and get unlimited access! 

Each module in this program is a new project that will introduce art concepts and techniques to explore the essential elements of art and principles of design, and how to use them throughout the creative process. Each lesson will show viewers how to complete a themed drawing project with step by step instructions to create meaningful artwork they are proud of! 

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👀 Preview a Video Art Lesson

Here is a sample of lesson 2 of 3 of drawing a "Jurassic" Park, which focuses on using shapes to construct different types of cartoon dinosaurs:

Learning Level: Primary - Junior Elementary (Ages 6+)

Suitable for kids ages 6 - 10 who are looking to the build core, fundamental skills to develop their art experience. Each module blends step by step learning with theme-based projects to nurture imagination and design innovation. Beginner Drawing projects include learning how to draw animals, environments, people and objects. Viewers will have the creative freedom to customize their artwork and choose their own subject matter.

Note: Children younger than 6 learning asynchronously may need hands on adult supervision.

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Enjoy fun, engaging, and modern art projects with proven results!

☑️ No Commute - Follow and learn online from home!

☑️ Access different art lessons at one level to explore a range elements of art and principles of design.

☑️ Unique NERD teaching method integrates art foundations with design thinking, allowing you to apply creativity to other fields of study.

☑️ Lessons are integrated with other school subjects for cross-curricular marks!

☑️ Supplemental step by step art techniques set the foundation for future creative freedom and success.

Beginner Drawing Island Lesson

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✍️ 12 Drawing Projects for Beginner Artists

Engaging bite-sized video lessons designed to teach young artists drawing techniques and art concepts -- putting the FUN in learning Art FUNdamentals! 

  1. How to Draw an Owl - learn how to draw anything by combining basic shapes

  2. Design a Floating Island - use your imagination to design a little paradise in the sky

  3. Character Self Portrait - learn how to draw a full body cartoon version of yourself

  4. Cake Pops - learn how to draw and decorate delicious desserts and shade a sphere

  5. Drawing Gijinkas - get creative by turning a non-human character into a human

  6. Van Gogh Flowers - learn how to draw a beautiful bouquet inspired by this famous artist

  7. Animal Race - illustrate animals operating vehicles to draw an action-packed scene

  8. Animal Crossing Character - explore character design inspired by a popular video game

  9. Helping the Earth - draw a diagram to spread awareness of the 3 Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle

  10. Tree House Design - learn how to draw a tree and construct a cozy structure to play in

  11. Jurassic Park - draw a playground environment to host some ancient dinosaur visitors

  12. Pokemon Hybrid - learn about hybrids and how to combine two popular characters into one

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Our video lessons are bite-sized and guided step by step from professional artists to accommodate online learning. This course also comes with additional resources for every project:

📺 Step by step bite sized videos - pause, speed up, slow down or replay the lessons

👩‍🏫 Proven and unique N.E.R.D. Teaching Methodology - for learning the creative process

📝 Printable Self Assessments - to supplement each project

🎨 Simple Art Materials - In person art classOnly basic drawing materials are needed, and may always be substituted, keeping it flexible and open! Some of the recommended materials include:

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Coloured Pencils
  • Black Pen / Fineliner
  • Markers (optional)

✊ YOU can kickstart your child's art journey, even with no art experience!

Every project in this course was thoughtfully planned and executed by professional art educators, then curated and edited into bite-sized modules with learning supports. Each video lesson was tested in live classes, and only the best lessons are curated into video modules containing bite-sized step by step lessons that are designed to empower young artists to improve their skills and creative thinking.

🙌 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure you or your child will enjoy this learning experience that we’ll give you your money back within 30 days if you are not fully satisfied. The value of this program speaks for itself -- buy this course once and get unlimited access to use them with future classes again and again!

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👩‍🎨 About the Instructor

Arruniya Mohendran is a visual artist, passionate educator, and certified Ontario Teacher. She holds a bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting at OCAD University, and a Bachelor of Education at York University. She is the Education Supervisor at Winged Canvas, specializing in kids art classes, curriculum planning, and working with our education team and teaching partners to design world class online art enrichment programs. When Arruniya is not teaching, you can find her working on personal art (usually inspired by nature) or exploring the outdoors with friends and family.

🏫 About Winged Canvas

Winged Canvas is an online art school based in Ontario, Canada. Their online enrichment programs include live weekly classes, virtual camps, video courses and art mentorship taught by professional artists who are passionate educators. They also host online events, parties and custom art workshops for schools and community partners. Attending an art class has never been easier. Start learning from anywhere, and join a live class in seconds!

Winged Canvas Art School Team Photo

🏆 Voted Toronto’s Top Arts Educator in 2021 and 2022, Winged Canvas has 150K+ subscribers on YouTube and earned hundreds of 5 star reviews from happy parents. Their mission is to make art education easily accessible to everyone, ensuring that no child is left behind. 

Our mission is to make art education easily accessible to everyone.

12 Modules

How to Draw an Owl

Explore wildlife drawing through our how to draw an owl module. A step-by-step owl will be created with opportunities to customize using shapes, space, colour and texture

Design a Floating Island

Explore creativity through making an imaginary floating island! With focus on shape, line and balance, you will be walked through a step-by-step island to support creating your own imaginative spaces. 

Character Self Portrait

Explore character drawing through our how to draw a self portrait module. A step-by-step character will be created with opportunities to customize using shapes, space and colours and personal details. 

Cake Pops

Explore how to draw your own creative cake pops! A step-by-step sphere will be created with opportunities to customize using shape, form and value

Drawing Gijinkas

In this module, you will learn about Gijinkas - which are human characters inspired by animal-like characters. You will pull inspiration from your favourite characters, or follow along to design your own unique character. Shapes and colours will be used to build the character, and translate similar characteristics. 

Van Gogh Flowers

In this module with 5 step by step lessons, you will learn about Vincent Van Gogh's style of art by creating your own flowers & vases. Shape, space, colour, value and line will be used to build up the details.

Animal Race

In this module with 4 step by step lessons, you will learn about animal races! You will have a chance to draw different kinds of animals, cars, and planes with focus on building shapes, utilizing space and showing movement. 

Animal Crossing Character

In this module with 4 step by step lessons, you will learn about Animal Crossing characters and how to create your own using shapes, colours, line, space and variety. 

Helping the Earth

In this module with 3 step by step lessons, you will learn about reducing, reusing and recycling to create your own Earth drawings. We will consider, shape, space, colour and balance when creating our Earth artworks. 

Tree House Design

In this module with three step-by-step lesson, you will learn how to create your own tree houses through the use of shapes, balance, textures and colours. You'll have a chance to customize them and add personalized, unique details as you go! 

Jurassic Park

In this module with three step-by-step lesson, you will learn about the terms Jurassic and park to create your own outdoor dinosaur playground. Together we will focus on space, shapes, line, value and variety to customize our own scenes. 

Pokemon Hybrid

In this Pokemon hybrid project, follow along with these two step-by-step lessons as you learn about hybrid characters and how to bring together characteristics of two different characters.

Modules for this program 12
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