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Cartooning & Anime (Grade 6+)

🍎 Video Art Lessons for Elementary & High School Students

12 Art Projects Designed for Classrooms and Online Learning!

Cartooning & Anime is our most popular drawing program at Winged Canvas!

Anime culture is always trending among youth, and we know that young artists looooove drawing fan art. We've noticed that they do it in their free time anyway...so it's a perfect way to teach art foundations and give your students more engaging and fun projects! 😉 

In this program, students will observe step by step demonstrations of the creative process to learn the art of cartooning and anime. They will explore the fundamental art concepts and techniques required to design their own characters, exaggerate proportions, effectively colour and shade, and integrate the art of visual storytelling. Buy it once and get unlimited access! 

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Enjoy fun, engaging, and modern art projects with proven results!

☑️ Teach in-person and online seamlessly by sending the videos to your students.

☑️ Access different levels of art lessons so you can challenge your advanced students and accomadate students with clear instruction. 

☑️ Unique NERD teaching method integrates art foundations with design thinking, allowing students to apply creativity to other fields of study.

☑️ Lessons are integrated with other school subjects for cross-curricular marks!

☑️ Supplemental step by step art techniques set the foundation for future creative freedom and success.

Cityscape Preview - Cartooning & Anime

Teach and plan art lessons easily with the help of experts!

☑️ Lessons use basic art materials that are common and affordable — and include options for modification.

☑️ Pre-written scripts and instructions make online teaching a breeze!

☑️ Save time with expertly designed templates, worksheets and rubrics that you can easily modify.

☑️ Students may learn at their own pace, and those who are absent can review the lesson on their own time, pausing in between steps.

☑️ Teachers can learn art fundamentals with their students, and get more time to focus on supporting each individual’s creative journey.

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✍️ 12 Drawing Projects for Beginner Artists

Engaging bite-sized video lessons designed to teach growing artists drawing techniques and art concepts -- putting the FUN in learning Art FUNdamentals! 

  1. Nintendo Characters - learn about Nintendo characters and how to draw your own through figure fundamentals

  2. Pokemon Mashup - explore creativity through combining your own Pokemon characters

  3. Anime Portraits in Limited Colour - dive into the world of colour, colour schemes and creating your own anime portrait

  4. Animal Character Design - explore designing your own animal character using shapes and game inspiration

  5. Creating a Fantasy Terrarium - create a unique, mystical space bringing together space, nature and fantasy elements

  6. Creating a Magical Inventory - explore magic and creative thinking to bring together a collection of magical items

  7. Magical Character Design - illustrate a magical character of your choice, focusing on fundamental character building

  8. Drawing Dragons - explore shape, movement and design in creating your own unique dragon drawing

  9. Cityscape - work with layering spaces and colour schemes to build a mesmerizing cityscape

  10. Chibi Animals - explore shapes and characteristics of a Chibi character to design your own Chibi animals

  11. Festival Wardrobe - thinking of festivals & holidays, design your own wardrobe for a festival character

  12. Creature Habitat - explore your favourite characters and designing a fitting background for them to live

👀 Preview a Video Art Lesson

Here is a sample of lesson 3 of our Animal Character Design project, which focuses on using shapes and designing a character inspired by the famous video game, Animal Crossing. Students will explore the fundamentals of a simple character design, while focusing on cartooning & anime techniques: 

Learning Level: Intermediate - Advanced (Grades 6 - 12)

Suitable for youth ages 12+ with some prior art experience, as it blends step by step learning with theme-based projects to nurture imagination and design innovation. However, we've seen both young children and adults enjoy this program! Students will have the creative freedom to customize their artwork and choose their own subject matter.

Taught digitally, but open to all mediums! Students are exposed to digital art techniques but may work traditionally on paper. This program is flexible enough to allow students to follow along in either traditional or digital mediums, or a combination of both.

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🙌 A Complete Teaching System to Support Each Art Lesson

Our video lessons are bite-sized and guided step by step from professional artists to accommodate shorter class periods and online learning. This course also comes with teaching resources for every project:

📺 Step by step bite sized videos - pause, speed up, slow down or replay the lessons

👩‍🏫 Proven and unique N.E.R.D. Teaching Methodology - for learning the creative process

🖥️ Templates for Blended Learning - copy and paste instructions into your online classroom

📝 Printable Assignments & Worksheets - distribute our handouts or post online assignments

💯 Grading Rubrics & Assessments - handy curriculum guidelines for easy marking

All Winged Canvas programs are designed to the Ontario Arts Curriculum standards, supplemented with teaching techniques and design thinking to nurture student success, confidence, and self-expression. 

🎯 Unique & Proven Teaching Methodology

At Winged Canvas, all of our art programs are founded on our four pillars of learning:

Our N.E.R.D. Teaching Method

All courses use our unique N.E.R.D. teaching methodology to teach the creative process with proven results — leading to more confidence, well-being and creative expression. Lessons teach art concepts including the essential elements of art and principles of design, as well as techniques such as sketching, composition, blending, shading, colour theory, and digital art.

Proudly serving teachers since 2014. See what others have said about their learning experience!

Teacher Testimonials

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🎨 Simple Art Materials

Students are welcome to follow along to the projects using traditional or digital art mediums. With traditional media - only basic drawing materials are needed, and art supplies may always be substituted, keeping it flexible and open! Here is a list of the essentials, most of which may already exist in your classroom:

  • Traditional Media Option:
    • Pencil
    • Eraser
    • Pencil Sharpener
    • Coloured Pencils
    • Black Pen / Fine liner
    • Markers (optional)
  • Students have the option to also work digitally:
    • Computer or Laptop
    • Tablet & Stylus, or preferred program of choice
    • Software: MediBang Paint Pro , or preferred digital art program of choice

✊ YOU can change the life of a young artist, even with no art experience!

Every project in this course was thoughtfully planned and executed by professional art educators, then curated and edited into bite-sized modules with learning supports for teachers. Our lessons are curated curated into video modules containing bite-sized step by step lessons that are flexible enough for teachers to use all at once, or over the course of the semester.

Fantasy Terrarium Lesson Preview

🙌 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure your students will enjoy their learning experience that we’ll give you your money back within 30 days if you are not fully satisfied.
The value of this program speaks for itself -- buy this course once and get unlimited access to use them with future classes again and again!

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👩‍🎨 About the Instructors

Felicia Bielby is a visual artist, currently specializing in 3D modelling and game development. She holds a degree in Video Game Design at Fanshawe College. She has taught fundamental digital art programs with Winged Canvas for novice and advanced students. Working in designing assets, scripts, and creating art, Felicia can be found immersed in open-world games slaying dragons or watching Star Wars in her spare time.

Alyssa Wongso is an illustrator and concept artist with a strong passion for all things related to character design. She is a graduate of the Game Art and Design program at Centennial College, where she learned how to translate 2D concepts into 2D and create game-ready character models, environments and props. She has taught traditional and digital art programs to a range of students with Winged Canvas. When Alyssa isn’t working digitally, her favorite traditional media to use include ink, watercolour and gouache. 

🏫 About Winged Canvas

Winged Canvas Art School Team Photo

Winged Canvas is an online art school based in Ontario, Canada. Their online enrichment programs include live weekly classes, virtual camps, video courses and art mentorship taught by professional artists who are passionate educators. They also host online events, parties and custom art workshops for schools and community partners. Attending an art class has never been easier. Start learning from anywhere, and join a live class in seconds!

🏆 Voted Toronto’s Top Arts Educator in 2021 and 2022, Winged Canvas has 150K+ subscribers on YouTube and earned hundreds of 5 star reviews from happy parents. Their mission is to make art education easily accessible to everyone, ensuring that no child is left behind. 

Our mission is to make art education easily accessible to everyone.

12 Modules

Nintendo Characters

Inspired by Nintendo characters, learn how to construct a human character with "Chibi" proportions!

Pokemon Mashup

In this module, students will learn how to create their own Pokemon mashup character. 

Anime Portraits in Limited Colour

In this module, students will learn about portraits and limited colour palettes.

Animal Character Design

Inspired by Animal Crossing, students will learn about character design and how to create their own Villager characters. 

Creating a Fantasy Terrarium

In this module with 5 step by step lessons, students will learn about fantasy terrariums and how to create their own inclusive of glass containers, water, nature and colourful details. 

Creating a Magical Inventory

In this module with 4 step by step lessons, students will learn about inventories and how to create their own collection of magical items. Students will explore brainstorming their items, planning a composition and executing their creative magical items.

Magical Character Design

In this module with three step-by-step lessons, follow along to learn about magical characters and accessories. Students will have a chance to build up their character considering simplified proportions, shapes, lines, texture, colour and value details.

Drawing Dragons

In this module with 3 step by step lesson, students will learn about different kinds of dragons, anatomy and key characteristics. 


    In this module with 3 step by step lessons, students will learn how to create their own cityscape environments considering a colour palette, size and a variety of details. 

    Chibi Animals

    In this module with three step-by-step lessons, follow along as students learn about Chibi animals and how to design their own based on Chibi characteristics. Students will focus on shape, line, colour, value and simplified proportions in creating their Chibi animals. 

    Festival Wardrobe

    In this module with two step-by-step lessons, students will explore creating their own character inspired by a cultural occasion of their choice. Students will brainstorm different characteristics of a cultural occasion before learning how to draw a character with their details overtop.

      Creature Habitat

      In this project with six step-by-step lessons, follow along as students learn about different creatures and habitats, while having a chance to create their own. Focus will be brought to creating their creature, environment and creating harmony between them through the use of colours and details. 

      Modules for this program 12
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